Vanderheim Industries

Vanderheim Industries was the largest corporation of the Pathfinder Consortium but after the incident with the Nyriss insurrection they have decided to go independent. Vanderheim still runs the largest mining and energy corporation in the sector and works with both the Consortium and Nyriss, providing valuable resources and technologies. Vanderheim also began its own Pathfinder initiative, using lessons they learned from the Nyriss insurrection. This has led to a surge in new independent planets.

Government: Corporation

The five systems under direct Vanderheim control are considered corporate property and thus are regulated by Vanderheim. Two of the planets are named after the CEOs daughters, Cheyenne and Mabel. Cheyenne acts as a corporate headquarters while Mabel is part trade hub, part luxurious garden planet. The three other planets are large-scale mining operations. A recent incident though has led to a system to be abandoned.

Technology: Level 13 (Average Stellar)

Vanderheim is on par with the Consortium and in some ways and surpasses them in others. While Vanderheim does not have near the amount of ships the Consortium does, their navy is superior in technology. Rumor has it that they have started mounting fusion weaponry to their ships which pack much more of a punch than the pulse lasers or plasma other Governments are using. In addition to that Vanderheim has started mass-producing battle dress, power armor that greatly increases the wielder’s capabilities. Anagathics and cloning are legal on Vandeheim’s controlled planets. Some of Vanderheim’s oldest executives are said to be two hundred years old. The CEO himself is 130 but doesn’t look any older than sixty five.

Law: Level 4

The corporation has its own police and military force to ensure peace among its five systems. The laws are similar to the consortium but tend to be less strict. Military weapons are outlawed but it is perfectly fine to carry a pistol or other firearm on your person. Vanderheim does regulate narcotics use and discourage employees from partaking in such substances. Vanderheim doesn’t arrest its employees for narcotics use though but instead offers rehabilitation services. Prostitution is also illegal due to the personal beliefs of the Vanderheim family.

Vanderheim Industries

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