The Planetary Consortium

The Pathfinder Consortium, the Consortium for short, is a governmental body that consists of hundreds of corporations formerly from Earth. When Earth’s natural resources started to run thin, the Consortium formed and launched the Pathfinder Initiative, looking for planets that were habitable or could affordably be terraformed. They currently own the most planets in the Gemini subsectors .

Government: Capitalistic Democracy

The Consortium’s government is a capitalistic democracy. Employees, once they’ve climbed high enough on the corporate ladder to own stock, gain the right to vote for their representatives in the corporate senate. They also vote on other issues, from what their newest logo should look like to whether their CEO should step down. The more stock you own, the more weight your vote carries. Some have criticized the system, claiming it is a mix of democracy and feudalism with a caste system thrown in for flavor. It is hard to argue with the Consortium’s success, both in profit and expansion.

Technology: Level 12 (Average Stellar)

Due to the fruits of capitalism the Consortium have some of the best technology. They mastered the basics of the jump drive and spent the last several decades refining it. Jump-2 drives aren’t uncommon and are being seen in more and more civilian ships. Jump-3 is still bleeding edge though. Weather manipulation have improved terraforming operations drastically, improving quality of life and productivity on Consortium Planets. While the ACR is still the standard issue weapon, laser rifles are common and man-portable plasma guns have begun to appear on battlefields.

Law: Level 5 – 6

Laws are strict in the Consortium. Firearm ownership is very restrictive. Pistols must be openly carried while rifles and shotguns are illegal to carry on one’s person within city limits. Anagathics are illegal but still in demand which has lead to a large high-tech drug smuggling ring . The news is heavily filtered and altered to best suit the agenda of the corporations although there has been a recent uprising of guerilla news operations due to the creation of the Stellarnet on college campuses. Certain software, particularly expert programs, are illegal as well.

The Planetary Consortium

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