Nyriss Commonwealth

The Consortium launched a second Pathfinder initiative to expand its foothold. They sent starships filled with workers and supervisors to the northern edge of the Castor subsector. The second initiative was hastily launched. Riddled by mismanagement, lackluster terraforming technology and numerous civil rights violations, the campaign went horrible quickly. This led to an insurrection spanning a dozen systems. Led by the charismatic Rochelle Nyriss, they managed to push back the unprepared Consortium forces and build a new interstellar government.

Government: Charismatic Oligarchy

The Commonwealth is young for an interstellar government. It is still less than twenty years old. Rochelle Nyriss is the empress of the Commonwealth. Under her is the Heaven’s Council, a group of generals, scientists, businessmen and politicians. An individual earns their place on the Council by making a continuous contributions to their field and making Nyriss better as a whole.

Technology: Level 11 (Early Stellar)

Due to the hostile environments of their home and the early stages of their government, Nyriss is a decade behind the Consortium when it comes to technology. Spaceships equipped with Jump engines are common. Nyriss depends heavily on a transport industry to deliver food and supplies to some of its less equipped planets. Jump-2 drives are rare though and Jump-3 are a rumor at best. Most of the soldiers are still using the beat-up ACRs that came when the ships first arrived. Progress is being made though. Nyriss is leading in advance hydroponics technology which has helped to curb the food issue and they have started to reverse-engineer some of the Consortium’s more advanced technology.

Law: Level 3

Laws are much looser out in the wild lands of Nyriss. Personal freedom is important to Nyrissians. Most firearms are legal and citizens are encouraged to own and carry a firearm. Most drugs and prostitution are legal as well. Planets are allowed to manage their own governments as long as they stick to the ideals of Nyriss. Religious freedom is also encouraged. With Nyriss’s fractional populace being spread across several systems, enforcing laws can be difficult. While there are federal operatives who handle matters of interstellar security most planets are encouraged to police themselves. Approaches vary drastically between planets and there has been a rise in vigilantism and bounty hunting. Nyriss also employs privateers to raid and capture Consortium vessels.

Nyriss Commonwealth

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